Bejeweled Cushions

BEJEWELED Cushions are my newest English Paper Pieced pattern. The pattern includes full instructions for the two cushions pictured here and a third bonus cushion.  Each cushion utilises the same four custom shapes - a Polygon, a Half Elongated Hexagon, a small and large square. The pattern includes the precision cut papers for the sewists convienence. There are enough papers to make any one of the three cushions at any one time then the papers can be removed and reused for subsequent cushions. There are no perspex templates for this pattern. Also included in the pattern are Scan n Cut friendly pages as well as colouring pages for all three cushions.  This pattern is F8 and Scrap friendly.

Ask at your Local Quilt Shop, or check my stockist page. Alternatively it is also availalbe in my Etsy Store.